safety management software
safety management software
Do you have strategies in place for mitigating risk? Are they effective?

TalonSMART will arm your organization with a systematic approach to achieving acceptable levels of safety risk

safety management software

TalonSMART allows users to report incidents and receive email updates regarding the status. Users can choose to be anonymous. Managers can create and manage investigations of incident reports.

safety management software

Identify hazards, Assess the Risk, Build corrective actions, Assign responsibilities, implement, and audit effectiveness.

safety management software

You define all drop down lists, labels, and whether a field is required or hidden.

You also determine, for every field in a form, how/if the data collected will eventually be deidentified (destroyed)

safety management software

"A SMS provides a systematic way to identify hazards and control risks while maintaining assurance that these risk controls are effective."

FAA - SASO Safety Promotion Briefing - Manager's Toolkit

TalonSMART Safety Management and Reporting Tracker

ETA Interface Integration with Talon's ETA software

If you use ETA, you can have a direct interface to TalonSMART. Much of the data in ETA such as names, addresses, tail numbers, etc. can be pre-filled when creating a new incident report!

Works on everything!

Take your iPad out to the scene of an accident. Manage the investigation from the field! Record eye witness reports in audio or video. Take pictures. Upload your media to your TalonSMART investigation from your PC or Mac.

Safety Risk ManagementManage risk controls

User-defined hazards and risks. Assign a hazard with a risk. Then attach to an investigation. Create corrective actions. Assign due dates and responsibilites.

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Safety Assurance Evaluate the effectivenes of risk controls

Corrective actions can be set to automatically become part of a risk's controls. Set audit and reminder dates for re-examining mitigation controls. TalonSMART sends you an email when it's time to re-evaluate!

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Secure Information 256 bit file encryption

All data in TalonSMART is encrypted with the latest SSL technology. What's more, when an investigation is completed, you can decide what information to keep and what to destroy by automatic de-identification.

Safety Promotion Everyone has a role in promoting safety

TalonSMART sends out emails that keep everyone in your organization informed of incidents, investigations, and frequent updates.

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Talon Systems is a proven leader in the world of aviation training with almost 20 years in the business. We are a small company and have a personal commitment to our customer's success. Your success is our success!

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